Minggu, 13 November 2011

How to Break Into the News Photography Business

We now live in a world where people choose to get their news from their iPhones, Blackberrys and online, the newspapers taking big financial losses. Newspaper subscriptions and advertising revenues are way down and some newspaper are even closing up shop altogether. For those newspaper that are still operational upper level management are cutting back staff at a remarkable rate. Many professional photojournalists, editors and reporters are being laid off or forced to do twice the amount of work they were originally hired to do. However the demand for quality news photos and videos remains high. With reduced amount of staff photographers newspapers must still provide photos for their newspaper daily, but it isn't always that easy.

As newspapers continue to struggle to provide the best news coverage with their reduced staff they often turn to freelance photographers also known as Stringers to fill the pages with breaking news photos as well as video clips for their website. These newspaper Stringers earn anywhere from $75-200 per photo and sometimes even more for video content that is used on a national television show.

Breaking into the news photo business isn't as hard as it may sound and you can actually get started today if you have the proper equipment and motivation.

What are some of the things you will need to get started?

    Digital SLR camera
    Police Scanner
    Laptop with wireless access
    Reliable vehicle
    Long zoom lens 70-200mm is fine

As a Stringer you will be spending a majority of your time monitoring your police scanner and listening for major car crashes, fires, shootings, SWAT stand offs and even severe weather such as brush fires and tornadoes happening in your town.

The objective is to get to the scene and make dramatic photos of the scene before newspaper or television photographers get there. The best time to hunt for news is late at night from 12am-4am as this is when most of the news staff is off, meaning no competition for you. It is possible to get exclusive content during the day but is usually more difficult because of the increased competition and traffic.

A reliable stringer with proven results can also accept photo assignments from newspapers, magazines and TV stations around the world adding to the money you make nightly chasing spot news.

Senin, 07 November 2011

Good News For the Home Based Business Opportunity Seeker

For many people, the idea of getting wealthy from a work at home business is just a dream. For the serious home based business opportunity seeker, there's good news. These dreamers are wrong. It's easier than they ever imagined.

Breaking into Internet Home Business-Easier than IRL

There are several reasons why it's easier to get started with an Internet home business than getting things going "in real life." You may or may not remember when you got your first job. Specifically, the job hunt may be vague in your memory.

Chances are, you were turned down several times before you landed that job. Even more poignantly, you may have recently been in the job market, and have been frustrated with how hard it is to land a job. Opening a business on the Internet skips completely over the job interview process.

If you've tried starting a brick and mortar business, then you know all too well how hard it is to get it off the ground. The saying goes that during your first five years, you can expect to operate in the red. "In the real world," this is more often than not the case. On the Internet, you don't have to wait nearly that long to get in the black.

Starting an Online Home Based Business is Cheap

Nearly anyone can get started with an online home based business. Unlike brick and mortar jobs, it doesn't take a huge investment to get started. You don't have to rent an office space; you don't have to buy initial inventory and supplies.

You can find free web hosting at sites like WordPress. You can order your products after your clients buy them. For that matter, you can sell electronic products, that don't really take any money to inventory. If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can get started. If you're really strapped for cash in the beginning, you can work at local Wi-Fi hotspots like Starbucks.

You Don't Need a Budget for Marketing Campaigns

Another place Internet business blows "real world" business out of the water is in expenses for marketing campaigns. While brick and mortar businesses are shelling out thousands of dollars to get an ad in the phone book or a billboard, you can spend next to nothing on marketing on the Internet, and have fun while doing it.

Social media sites are fertile ground to implement Internet marketing strategies. You could buy advertising space on these sites, but if you know how to work the social media sites, you don't need to. Groups betting that they can get a million members are all over Facebook right now, and most of them reach their goals. Now imagine if you could harness this potential into a marketing campaign.

Overall, the Internet is the best place to start a business if you're dedicated to the idea of reaching success. It costs much less than "real world" business, and you start making money much sooner than you could ever dream of on Main St. Forget Main St. and get on the Information Superhighway!